Integrated Hygiene

Your dental hygienists spend on an average of two hours per year with every patient in your practice. Patient loyalty and value for your services go hand in hand with healthy periodontal conditions.  Hygienists make great professional partners and can be wonderful allies for practice success.

Marnee’s Integrated Hygiene strategies enable even the most highly functioning hygiene department to enhance the overall dental health of their patients as well as the health of the practice in a collaborative manner with high-quality service and profitability.   By delivering evidence-based periodontal care, the program is designed to help you build your hygiene service mix and encourage the hygiene team to take ownership of their role as leaders in your practice.

After clinical observation, interviews and a collaborative meeting with the owner dentist a program of instruction will be customized. The following are sample instructional topics:  

  • New patient and recare examination protocol
  • In operatory communication with the doctor
  • Patient transfer at end of the appointment to front desk team
  • Evidenced-based diagnosis, treatment planning, and case acceptance for non-surgical periodontal therapy
  • Scheduling
  • Goal Setting
  • Recare system
  • Dental hygiene department mission statement
  • Standardization of visit protocol among hygiene team members
  • Etiology of gingival and periodontal diseases for the entire team
  • The current standard of care
  • Comprehensive periodontal exam
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scripting/Case Discussions/Motivated Recare Conversations
  • The front office team and clinical support for the hygiene treatment plans
  • Overcoming insurance difficulties with coding and documentation

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