Marnee Management Goals

  • Help dentists become concrete in their unique vision for their practice future.
  • Facilitate the process by which doctors and teams reach a place of understanding and commitment to each other to stay true to their vision.
  • Promote an office culture which fosters fundamental doctor/client trust resulting in clinical recommendations becoming treatment decisions.
  • Guide dentists and teams to see their practice from a fresh perspective by challenging common assumptions.
  • Discover together (doctor and consultant), what is the depth and breadth of the issues standing in their way?
  • Lead doctors through a process that separates emotion from logic based on the discovery of the practice status.
  • Develop a customized treatment plan where the doctor is always in control of the decisions and course of action to reach optimized practice performance.
  • Foster team alignment around performance standards that yield pinnacle performance.
  • Partner with outside specialists in relevant situations.

Throughout the course of improvement for the practice, we are committed to the educational process, contributing ideas with compassion and a sense of humor, helping doctors and teams remain secure in their professional roles.

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