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Studies show that when a trainee learns in the same environment in which they work, knowledge retention increases and changes are more likely to become habit. Strategy implementation works best on-site in a hands-on, collaborative approach with your staff. Marnee’s on-site services are conducted in your office, directly with staff and key personnel. We provide personal attention to ensure mastery of new skills and a learning environment that fosters humor and patience.

We have found that the amount of support needed between in-office visits varies with individuals and the topics covered at a particular visit. Our minimum support between visits is supplied in the form of monthly coaching calls to offer guidance and review the progress towards the established goals. Support is by no means limited to the calls. Clients who desire additional guidance, need clarification and support in the form of phone calls or email are given unlimited access to the consultant just as you would care for a patient in your own practice.

Affordable, practical consulting packages are available and will be recommended based on the outcome of the one-hour complimentary phone session with the doctor and other key stake holders.

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